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Gentle Lady™ ARF

Gentle Lady ARF
Stock Number:  GPMA1960
Wingspan:  79 in (2005 mm)
Wing Area:  674 in² (43.5 dm²)
Weight:  32-36 oz (910-1020 g)
Wing Loading:  7-8 oz/ft² (21-24 g/dm²)
Length:  41 in (1040 mm)
Requires:  2-channel radio with 2 servos & hi-start

Gentle Lady ARF
Download the instruction manual online in pdf format


Perfect company for a lazy afternoon

If "easy" and "relaxing" figure heavily into your weekend plans, the Gentle Lady can't be beat.

All the hard work's already done, leaving only simple assembly to do. The balsa/ply airframe is prebuilt, with MonoKote covering that guarantees good looks with no effort. Give her a few minutes and a little bit of effort and all of a sudden you're done and good to go.

Once you get to the field, the hardest thing you'll have to do is giving the Gentle Lady a hi-start launch. Everything after that is smooth sailing. Her big polyhedral wing ensures ample lift even at low speeds, giving you more time to think first and fly second. And while you're flying you'll find that her handling is just as smooth and forgiving as her name implies.

For high-class looks and low-stress flying, go with the Lady.

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