Top 3 Books new affiliate marketers must read

Before you embark upon your journey as an affiliate marketer, you might want to do a little light reading as to how to work as effectively as possible. While there is no better way to learn than to get your feet wet, it helps to learn to swim before you jump into the pool.

While the internet holds a wealth of information – and misinformation – there are a few books that you ought to crack open before starting your work. These books written by thought leaders in the affiliate marketing sphere will allow you to gain some valuable insight into the field. 

These books will help you polish your skills as an affiliate marketer, help you avoid rookie mistakes, and – more importantly – will help you pocket some cash. Here are the top three books all new affiliate marketers need to pick up:

1.    Extra Money Answer: How to Create, Promote, and Monetize an Affiliate Site

This book by Shawn Collins, Co-founder of Affiliate Summit (leading global conference for the those in the field of affiliate marketing) and Co-Editor-in-Chief of FeedFront Magazine, gives the amateur affiliate marketer an idea of how to profit off of affiliate marketing. In the introduction, he tells the reader straight-up that a lot of affiliate marketers do not make a lot of money at all, especially at first. If you want to make money off of affiliate marketing you have to do it right and avoid some easy-to-make mistakes, some of which he outlines in this book.

Extra Money Answer is an honest look at the affiliate marketing industry and a straightforward read. Plus. this book is cheap if you buy the Kindle version on Amazon, which is perfect for those who haven’t quite started making a lot of money yet.
If you end up enjoying this book, Collins blogs daily too! His blog,, is a goldmine of information.

2.    Affiliate Marketing: The Online Marketing Blueprint for Internet Marketing

If you need a step-by-step example of how to be successful when it comes to affiliate marketing, this book is for you. On top of it being free on Kindle, this book serves as an Affiliate Marketing for Dummies of sorts. This book outlines everything from the history of the field to a whole chapter on mistakes to avoid making. This also outlines how exactly you should get started – which is usually difficult for people looking to make some extra money. They know they have the skills and the time, but that first step is always the hardest. This book takes out the guesswork when it comes to getting started and serves as a handbook as you move forward with your business.

3.    Launch: An Internet Millionaire's Secret Formula to Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams

If you want to gain an insight into exactly how the internet works in terms of marketing, be sure to pick up this book. Author Jeff Walker has basically single-handedly altered how stuff is sold online. This guy is a highly successful businessman and Launch is a way to peek inside his head and figure out how he grew his business from nothing to something. This will help you grow your business – fast.

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