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Sr. Falcon ARF - Click to enlarge
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Skylark 56 Mark II ARF™
Stock Number:  GBGA1085
Kit Number:  12085
Wingspan: 56"
Fuselage: 47 3/4"
Wing Area: 558 Sq." 
Flying Weight: 5-6 lbs. 


Power:  2-stroke .40-.46

Kit comes with a complete hardware package, including landing gear, wheels, and fuel tank.

The long awaited Skylark 56 Mark II ARF™ is a sharp, sport airplane built from the blueprints of the classic Skylark™ kit. Just like our 1978 kit, the Skylark 56 Mark II ARF features strong construction, and great flight performance. Our modern 90% prebuilt ARF is covered in priemium iron-on covering and includes a complete hardware package. If you want a fun-to-fly ship with pattern capability, the Skylark 56 Mark II ARF is the one for you!

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Replacement Parts

Stab and Elev$19.95

You might say I am happily back where I started - Joe Beshar
A Fond Memory

When I recently learned that Carl Goldberg Products was releasing an ARF version of the "Skylark" I just couldn't wait to get mine as I have very fond memories of this model. Having been a die hard free-

Sr. Falcon ARF - Click to enlarge

flighter since the last of the thirties in the early sixties I decided to attempt entry into the RC community. After many attempts trying (crashing) without success I found myself spectating at the Rockland RC Club field in Orangeburg, NY where I came across a young fellow who had a beautifully built "Skylark" from the kit and was flying it with utmost precision taking it off and landing it perfectly every time. I was so impressed I contacted Carl Goldberg who I knew from free-flight competitions since his days at Comet Model Airplane Co. Carl in his very supportive way as always found me soon with the "Skylark" kit. I soon built it installed a Max 35 and with shimmering fingers headed to the flying field to fly it. I was in Cloud 9 as I succeeded in my first take off and landing without destruction, proud as can be it was my entry in the RC world with confidence, enabling me to fly many successful sessions from then on.

Now about the "Skylark" ARF, always a builder I must admit up front I was skeptical about the ARF. Upon receipt of the cartoned unit I was impressed with everything about it, the components assembled perfectly as they are machined and cut with precision, the hardware and supplied accessories are of high quality. The covering is applied perfectly finished. I was able to assemble the model in 2 days and installed an OS 46 engine with an Airtronics Radio control system. I was off and flying you might say "Back Happily Where I started".


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