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Stock Number:  GBGA1090
Kit: 12090
Wingspan:  78-3/4"
Wing Area:  1263 Sq. In.

Fuse Length:


Overall Length:

Flying Weight:  11-1/2 to 12-1/2 lbs.
4-stroke 120-140

6 - Channel Radio
6 - Standard Servos

Balance Point on fuse,
measured back from
wing leading edge
9-3/8" to start (you may want to move the CG back after you are familiar for 3-D flight)

Covering Matches Ultracote® Colors:
885 Midnight Blue
883 Flame Red
870 White

Kit comes with a complete hardware package, including fiberglass cowl & wheel pants, swept aluminum landing gear, tailwheel assembly, wheels, and fuel tank.

Download the instruction manual online in pdf format

Experience extreme 3-D flying at its best! On low rates, she's smooth, graceful and precise, capable of performing a FAI pattern sequence with finesse. With a flip of the duel rate switch, she transforms into a fire-breathing 3-D monster performing an entire range of full-stall thrust vectored maneuvers with authority. Torque rolls, Waterfalls, Harriers, and High Alpha Rolls, the Obsession 3-D ARF™does it all!

The Obsession 3-D ARF is a 120 size 3-D airplane that is a thrill to fly. Its oversized double beveled control surfaces deliver precision response, and the extreme throws you need for even the most difficult maneuvers. The Obsession 3-D is jig built with laser cut parts for accuracy & precision. Its lightweight all wood built up wing and airframe help the Obsession 3-D with its agility and ensures you're flying unlimited in any direction. Inside you'll find a fiberglass cowl and wheel pants, swept aluminum landing gear, and a complete hardware package. We've topped it all off with premium covering for a sharp looking finish.

Like every Goldberg ARF, The Obsession 3-D ARF is 90% prebuilt and quality hardware components are provided to make assembly a breeze. We believe you'll agree, the Obsession 3D ARF is one of the most responsive, in-the-groove aircraft available!

Tech Notes:

Firewall dimensions are 5" X 7-1/2"

Spinner Size: 3-1/4"

Prices subject to change without notice.

Replacement Parts

Wing tubes$19.95
Wheel pants$22.95
Motor mount$5.95
Wheel bag$5.95
Tail wheel bag$5.95
Stab tubes$20.95
Fuel tak$5.95
Velcro strap$2.95
Landing gear$16.95

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