Top 3 Dating Hookup Apps

These 3 Dating Apps Are Making Hookups Happen Like Never Before

Online dating has become all the rage today, conveniently matching you with people you’re actually likely to be interested in, rather than dealing with the uncertainty that can come with trying to meet people in person.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of different apps out there, and it can be hard to sort through the noise to find one that works for you. So we’ve made it easy – here’s a breakdown of the biggest dating apps.

This one’s an old classic that works. uses a comprehensive profile system that pairs you based on common interests and algorithms designed to match you with people you’re more likely to like. This emphasis on compatibility makes one of the better options if you’re looking for a serious relationship, as the site gives you an unmatched ability to know a lot about your matches because the profile and questions are so in-depth.


Tinder is pretty much the gold standard of dating apps right now, as its interface has proven very influential in the recent dating app boom. The yin to OkCupid’s yang, Tinder eschews the in-depth profile and match-making system for a simpler approach – you swipe through pictures and stripped-down bios and choose “yes” or “no.” If two people say yes to each other, it’s a match. It’s got its downsides – it’s popularity means there’s a lot of bots – but one definite plus is that you can only be messaged by your matches, as opposed to anyone.


Dating apps are great, but they do have the tendency to bring out the worst in some men, who can be gratuitous and sometimes downright creepy with their messages, as many women who have used dating sites can attest. Bumble is a Tinder variation that puts the power in women’s hands – you use the swiping method, but once you match, the women are the only one’s that can send the first message, meaning the issue of creepy guys is cut down drastically.


Hinge is a dating app that also functions similarly to Tinder, but with a twist – rather than matching you with anyone in your geographic location, the app only matches you with friends of friends, keeping matches limited to people in your social network. This way, rather than just going in blind, you can talk to your friends about them, humanizing the whole online dating approach in a very welcome way.

This is a list of some of the more popular options, so it’s possible that you’ve already tried these apps and found them to not be up to snuff. If that’s the case, check out FlirtSwipe, the new app that young professionals are using to streamline the matchmaking process.