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What to Look for Before Being an RC Plane

Flying radio-controlled planes isn’t just a hobby for kids. You can go beyond the ready-to-fly airplanes manufactured for people just looking to and not work on their planes and build something from scratch. Many adults who participate in flying RC planes will tell you that feeling of working so hard to modify or construct your airplane and finally getting to fly it is like no other.

But of course, before you get to that stage, you need to work your way up and familiarize yourself with RC planes. Before buying your first RC plane, there are a few things you will want to look out for in order to choose the best one for you.

What are they?


The type of wings your RC plane has affects how your plane flys and how easy it will be for you to control. Making sure your plane has stable and forgiving flight characteristics is highly important when starting because you don’t want to start with a plane that you can’t control. Buying an RC plane with its wing on top of the fuselage, or a high-wing plane, is the easiest way you can make sure you’re getting a plane you will be able to use. These planes give you lots of stability in the air because of the weight of the fuselage under the wing and rights itself naturally after turns. and

Number of channels

The number of channels you select for your RC plane is essentially how many controllable functions you want to have. For beginners still looking to get the real experience of flying an RC plane that doesn’t feel like a toy, your best bet is a 3-channel plane. It gives you control over the motor, elevator, and rudder.

Power type

RC planes come in two basic types of power controls – IC (Internal Combustion) and EP (Electric Power). IC-powered RC planes have an engine while EP-powered planes have an electric motor. EC planes are the best option for beginners; however, since they are generally cheaper to buy and fly and require fewer accessories, making for an easier and less expensive introduction to RC plane flying.

Availability of spare parts

One thing you need to be aware of when beginning your RC plane flying hobby is that sooner or later, your plane is going to suffer some damage. When you’re new to RC plane flying, that’s likely to happen soon enough. Making sure your RC plane has an off-the-shelf supply of parts will help you avoid dodgy and expensive repairs.

Construction type

How complete you want your first RC plane to be is entirely up to you. You have the option of choosing between kits, ARFs, and RTFs. Kits have all the pieces necessary for building your plane over a plan, which will require some model building skills. Almost Ready to Fly, or ARF, planes are about 90% finished, you’ll just have to purchase the motor, ESC, battery pack, and radio gear separately and install it yourself. Lastly, there are Ready to Fly, or RTF, planes you can get that won’t require any model building, and are fully finished with all electronics installed.

If you don’t only want the experience of flying an RC plane but also to beginner model airplane construction, you should consider getting an ARF plane, but otherwise, I would stick with the RTF if you’re eager to get flying.