The Carl Goldberg Pitts Monster ARF is the biplane you’ve been waiting for. This 1.20 size Pitts is a semi scale reproduction of the original aerobatic show Pitts Model 12 Monster. Featuring painted aluminum landing gear, painted two color fiberglass wheel pants and 8ΒΌ” diameter round fiberglass cowl. It uses 4 independent servos for powerful aileron control. You’ll find a 2 person cockpit layout for optional pilot and co-pilot and a sleek tinted canopy. The CG Pitts Monster ARF also features bolt on I struts, and pre-covered aluminum cabanes sheeted in wood for rock solid wing attachment and authentic finish.

The Perfect Mix

The CG Pitts Monster ARF’s straight tracking and precise handling put it in a class above. It’s smooth and docile until you throttle up, then you’ll see what this Monster can do; with awesome snaps that start and stop instantly, knife-edge capability that’s extraordinary, and slow rolls you can stretch from horizon to horizon. And just as quickly as you let it loose, you’ll be able to calm it down for a feather-soft, slow-as-a-walk landing.

Traditional Goldberg Value & Quality

You’ll know the Goldberg value in its quality craftsmanship and phenomenal aerobatic ability. Plus the CG Pitts Monster ARF has an all-wood airframe and all-wood one-piece wing assembly to ensure accurate and lightweight construction. Top this off with a complete hardware package, and a sharp color scheme from premium iron on covering.



PT #



1 120881
Painted Fiberglass Cowl
1 1208810 Fin 19.99
1 1208813 Instruction Manual 9.95
1 1208815 Stabilizer 19.99
1 1208816 Pitts Fuselage 74.99
1 1208817 Decals 9.95
1 120882 Landing Gear 25.95
1 120883 Painted Fiberglass Wheel Pants 35.95
1 120884 Wing Strut 40.95
1 120886 Aluminum Cabane 12.95
1 120887 Belly Pan 34.99
1 120888 Canopy 39.95
1 120889 Pitts Bottom Wing 129.99
1 1208891 Pitts Top Wing 129.99